7 Funerals for $75

7 Funerals for $75 a month
($60 in NY, NC, SC, FL, CA, PR)
Benefits Include
Basic Funeral Expense
Transfer to funeral
Preparation of deceased
Viewing time
Casket for service
Signature book
Funeral director fees
Death certificate
Airline ticket
Plus, you may qualify for a discounted vault and marker with no credit check.

Individuals up to 1 person:

$25 per month

Big Family up to 7 people:

$75 per month ($60 in NY, NC, SC, FL, CA, PR)

Small Family up to 2 people:

$40 per month

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Starting on the third business day after enrollment, after the first payment has been made, Assure For Life covers accidental, violent death, or suicide.
Assure For Life covers death by natural causes 180 calendar days after making the first payment.
The membership will be canceled for non-payment after 3 consecutive months.
To request the service, the plan's payment must not have any delay.
At the time of enrollment, the plan holder or any of its members must not be terminally ill, have a cancer diagnosis, be on dialysis, or have a brain tumor

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